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Now work with a web development partner ” CodEye technologies ” that can provide you and your clients with powerful solutions. And excellent service with total integrity.

Agencies and design firms, exhibit companies, public relations firms, writers, media companies and printers now trust ” CodEye Technologies ” to be involved with their own clients. And we’ve never let them down. From one-person marketing consulting shops to full-service advertising firms, ” CodEye Technologies ” works with them to ensure that their clients receive the best possible website design and programming.

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Most frequent questions and answers
An outsourcing partnership is just like the extension of your own web development facilities offshore. This partnership model can work in many ways. If you are an IT or a web development company that has significant development capacities in your own country and are eager on expanding your operations here, then we can act as your own development centre abroad. Our team will work on your behalf while you benefit from our enhanced skills, business acumen, and significantly lower costs.
Alternatively, if you work in a related IT domain such as hardware or networking, you can expand your operations by referring your web designing and development inquiries to us. In many cases, the project definitions may lie outside your core business area or core competencies. Sometimes, the customer’s budget may be quite below your normal quotes. We can handle such circumstances by offering you a strategic alliance in the form of an outsourcing partnership

This model works fine when you are an independent marketing professional and are serving a large client base with requirements in web design and development. Thus, while maintaining your own identity and working under your own brand, you can resell our services at your terms and costs. We remain completely anonymous in the entire process while you market our services as your brand. Thus, while you focus on consolidating your customer base and improving your marketing efforts, we will concentrate on the technical side such as coding and programming, and develop the project according to your specifications.

If you are an independent businessperson or an independent business consultant, you can benefit from our business partnership model since we will take care of all the technical aspects of web development such as hiring developers and maintaining the infrastructure while you generate enquiries from your customer base. In this case, we mutually protect our interests as you take care of the sales and marketing effort while our team of highly trained IT specialists provides the requisite solutions.
When you will generate enquiries from your customer base and share that information with us, we will prepare an estimate based on the services required and you can give you quote based on our estimates. We will share profits on a mutually agreed basis if your enquiry leads to a fruitful order.

If you are an independent IT professional and routinely come across queries from your clients about web design and development, then we can form a partnership based on this model. In this case, you may come across inquiries that are outside your professional domain or are beyond your core competencies. While you interact with the client and market our services, we will do our bit by providing you our technical and related services. You need not worry about the technical aspects and will still be able to earn a profit from your efforts by passing on the project to us.

This partnership model allows you to earn a mutually agreed percentage of the project cost by simply referring a new client to us. You may use promotion methods such as word of mouth or any other promotional method you feel appropriate. 
We offer a wide range of web design and web development solutions. Elegant & aesthetic, quick & user-friendly. You may contact us in case you need work in any of the following areas:

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Finding the right Digital Service partner isn’t easy. There are thousands of web design agencies to choose from, so why us? Well, we are client focused web design agency. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and find the right solution for them. Our aim is to become the most trusted online brand in India and we aim to do this by being transparent and offering expert advice.

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If you are interested in working with us as your web design partner or are interested in becoming a web design reseller, why not contact one of our sales team? They will be happy to discuss your needs and can give you more information about how we can improve the services you offer and how to increase turnover.