WARNING: Enabling dentists to boost appointments with Messenger Chatbots

"CodEye Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Products and Services Online!"

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Dentist Marketing

Let us show you how simple it is to target & acquire more leads & appointments in automation using smart strategies

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High Level (Smart) Strategies

  • We let DATA drive our decisions on which features to include in in messenger marketing software.
  • We will create a funnel on Facebook Messenger that teaches potential customers about the offers and benefits your restaurant is providing to increase you revenue & of-course profits.
  • This messenger marketing software will drip messages to the user every X number of days to give value offers   , build trust, and eventually make the sale.
  • We actively run multiple messenger funnels for restaurants and for the businesses of same niche also generating tens of thousands of dollars a month. So yeah, we know a thing or two…

Higher response rate rather than any other marketing platform

  • We have been seeing 80% open rates and 50% click rates on our messenger marketing sequence for the clients we help.
  • Yes, you read that sentence right. It’s that high because 
  • We are early to the game having smart strategies and not every marketer is expert on that.
  • it’s fun, novel, and engaging 🙂
  • More opportunity to have a conversation with potential customers and close sale: This is basically inside sales, but on messenger, where more people are likely to interact with you because texting is low friction and a sticky habit.
  • This is the data (on left hand side ) from our client bot. Can you imagine users going through your 10-day sequence EXCITED and ENGAGED? 
  • When done correctly, your customers will be raving to buy your product & offers after you delivered so much value.

CodEye Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your Products & Services Online!

Just tap on the button above to experience chatbot & explore demo of how it works

10+ ways to acquire leads

  • Our messenger marketing software is power packed with 10 different tools to acquire leads online and even offline.
  • There’s many steps involved to gain an email subscriber that we can reduce heavily with Facebook Messenger. 
  • With one click… your Facebook Page can instantly send your user a lead magnet. No typing email, clicking submit, going into Promotions tab, confirming.. 
  • Plus you get access to (1) first and last name (2) email(3) location (4) phone – all in just one click without force user to enter their details when they subscribe to your Messenger Bot.
  • You can literally generate leads when someone COMMENTS on your Facebook Post. 
  • As you know 70% business revenue comes with retargeting only. This is great for retargeting leads who abandont cart or visited your website in the last 90 days.

Automate your messenger marketing

  • Nurture leads right inside Messenger with our automated Sequences. Our chatbot will send messages based on user actions or a time delay, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy higher conversions.
  • We’ll setup your highly converting chatbot with complete automation based sales funnel + acquisition funnel + growth hack funnel which will help to drive sales in auto mode and increase your average order value. 
  • You don’t need to spend more than 2 hours in your store except to process the basic and most required tasks.
  • Sales funnel for every event we integrate on your chatbot and that’s completely automated. 
  • Sales funnel for different events like Birthday events, FREE meal giveaway, FREE Wi-fi Shoutout, Giveaway, Followups, Retargeting funnels.
  • Why all these because it can help you to 10x your revenue and drive more and more customers with almost 99% customer satisfaction rate and guess what all in automation.

Opportunity to have a conversation with potential customers

  • This is the one-two punch for the Facebook ads. You can trigger your Messenger sequence so that if user clicks a certain button, your Facebook page will notify you in Messenger or email that someone clicked that button!
  • Why it’s useful, because it’ll help you and your customer to opt-in for coupon discounts and guess what this alone has made 40% increase in our previous client’s revenue. 
  • Niche based ads targeting based on Interests, Behaviour, Demographics, Location, etc. 
  • We know the targeting which worked for us & for our clients, almost every kind of niche or general store.
  • The exact strategy guide for facebook & Instagram ads to drive max ROI with low investment as much as possible.

Support 24x7

  • To guide you the way to write ads copy for your own storeweb conversion ads. 
  • To guide you the way to choose the ad copy format for particular kind of ads to drive sales. 
  • To guide you how to setup ads copy for different platforms like facebook, Instagram, Google Ads. 
  • To guide you with ads of successful stores & how your competitors are doing well in your niche.
  • To make you able to create ad copies of your own that actually helps you to get conversions. 

WARNING: We Don’t Know For How Much Time We’re Going To Leave This EXTREMELY Valuable Content FOR LOW FEES. So Get It Now Before Start High Cost For It.

CodEye Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your Products & Services Online!

Why do you need this

Messenger Marketing Chatbot

Every day it’s becoming harder to reach your audience. People open less email and social media even they do not have time to read newspapers or visit your location is so noisy you can barely see your own posts. 

Facebook Messenger bot solves this problem by providing a private channel of communication with each user. It’s instant and interactive, and no message is ever lost.

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WARNING: We Don’t Know For How Much Time We’re Going To Leave This EXTREMELY Valuable Content FOR LOW FEES. So Get It Now Before We Start High Cost For It.

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CodEye Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your Products Online!